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When your hardwood floor is wet or flooded, time is of the essence. Trust the professional team at Flood Pros of Miami to perform emergency assistance and do the job right so we can save your valuable hardwood floors. Call our Emergency Service Line 24/7/365 for a free quote today: 888-595-1105

Water allowed to sit on natural or engineered hardwood floors can wreak havoc on your flooring and sub flooring. Even the smallest amount of water can cause your hardwood floors to swell, buckle and crack. Therefore, its important to act quickly when water damage affects your expensive hardwood floors.

Whether it is from a flood, leaky roof, slab leaks or busted pipe, you must remove standing water from your hardwood floors immediately and begin the drying process promptly. Once water damage has occurred to your wood floors it is difficult to correct the problem and, more likely than not, you must replace your hardwood floors if you don't dry them in a timely manner. Excess moisture from the flooded condition must be removed as soon as possible. If cupping of flooring is the only adverse result, drying of the floor promptly is necessary.

We use only the best equipment on your hardwood floors, ensuring that the end result doesn't harm your valuable investment. The use of fans, dehumidifiers and dri-eaz rescue mats from the interior of the home or business or below the floor system (crawl space, if possible) may be all that is necessary to remove the damage. After the flooring has flattened from the drying procedures, screening, filling, and re- coating could be sufficient for repair, if no permanent spots or staining has occurred. If the floor is water stained, re-finishing may be necessary.


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